SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — Hilary is now a Category 2 hurricane working its way north, and projections call for its arrival in Baja California on Sunday.

The head of the state’s civil protection agency has placed all of its personnel on high alert and has warned every city in the state to prepare for strong winds, flooding and power outages.

The National Hurricane Center expects Hillary to turn into a Category 4 hurricane by Friday as it passes west of La Paz and Cabo San Lucas in the lower part of the Baja peninsula.

Two days later, Hilary is expected to reach the Tijuana region.

Officials hope by then, as the hurricane hits colder ocean water, it will change course and turn into a tropical storm.

Nevertheless, civil protection officials are still expecting rain-related damage.

They say all they can do for now is monitor Hilary’s path and hope it turns left away from land.