Louisiana sending search and rescue teams to Florida


As Hurricane Dorian barrels through the Bahamas, Louisiana is gearing up to send more help.

This time, an USAR team is headed to Florida.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office said, “more than 100 Louisiana Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) personnel and assets from around the state deploy to Florida to assist with Hurricane Dorian response.”

The USAR representatives who are making this journey include:

  • Task Force 2 (Baton Rouge area)
  • Task Force 3 (Shreveport)
  • Regional Response Team or RRT-3 (River Parishes area)
  • RRT-4 (Lafayette area)
  • RRT-6 (Alexandria area)

According to the State Fire Marshal’s Office, “the USAR unit deploying consists of three 35-member teams each bringing a minimum of two boats and a 21-person Incident Support Team (IST), specializing in disaster deployment operations and logistics.”

There are a lot of K9 teams from Louisiana headed to Florida too.

The departure of the Louisiana Urban Search and Rescue teams are scheduled to take place at the State Fire Marshal Headquarters between 11:30 a.m. and 12 p.m.

The State Fire Marshal Headquarters is located at 8181 Independence Blvd.

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