Lawmakers get technology demo as they consider school bus safety legislation


WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Lawmakers got a chance Wednesday to look at new technology designed to keep school kids safe as the enter and exit the bus. 

The show and tell is part of a Congressional effort to make school buses safer. 

The STOP Act is being considered by Congress. It’s a bill meant to keep children safe as they get on and off a school bus.

“You shouldn’t have to worry in today’s day about putting your child on the school bus,” said Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-IN). She sponsors the bill. Three children were killed in her district in 2018 when a driver sped around a stopped school bus and hit them.

The bill requires the Department of Transportation to research the most effective ways to protect children and share the results with local communities. Those could include using new technology or passing better laws.

Senanator Todd Young (R-IN) supports the measure.

“Our legislation will promulgate best practices once we do this study and cost federal taxpayers no money in the process,” said Young.

“Awareness is what we’re trying to do, and driver education is another thing that we’re trying to make more aware and the STOP act kind of encompasses all of that,” said John Benish Jr., President of the National School Transportation Association.

Benish and lawmakers got a chance to look at some of the latest school bus safety technology. That technology comes at a price, however, something difficult for cash-strapped school districts.

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