Lawmaker introduces ‘the grocer act’ bill to provide bonus to grocery store workers who make less than $75k


Washington, D.C. (KLFY) When you think of the heroes during the pandemic most would think of the healthcare workers on the front line.

But lawmakers say grocery store workers are too often forgotten.

News Ten’s Washington correspondent Basil John reports on a bill to say thank you to those workers.

Lawmakers say they want to help some of our heroes on the front lines.

“That’s the hardworking men and women that work in our grocery stores and our convenience stores.”

Pennsylvania Representative Glenn GT Thompson has introduced ‘the grocer act’ which would provide a bonus to food supply workers who make less than $75,000.

“This really is a proposal to provide a federal tax holiday for them, where for a period of time, February 15 to June 15, those hours of the day they work during this crisis, they wouldn’t pay a federal income tax.”

Pennsylvania Democrat Dwight Evans co-signed the bill and agrees grocery store workers are critically important to all of us.

“Part of the army of front line workers, the grocery food workers are very essential to what takes place in terms of our food and the access of food.”

Representative Thompson says the idea comes from a system used for those who serve time in the military overseas and that these food supply employees are fighting their own battle.

“That can impact the morale of these folks who are performing a life essential function.”

And both lawmakers say without those workers many Americans would struggle.

“Food is medicine. Food deals with our hunger. Food contributes to all of us.”

The bill also asks the treasury department to extend this benefit for an additional three months if the coronavirus crisis continues beyond June 15.

Reporting in Washington, Im Basil John

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