What the new stay-at-home order means for you


Monday, Governor Edwards extended the states stay at home order until May 15th. This is the second time the mandate has been extended. Edwards says this decision is for the best.

“Every single doctor and scientist who’s advising me agreed that we need to be extremely cautious moving forwards and they support the decision,” Edwards said. 

Thousands of people still contracted the virus under the current stay at home order. Governor Edwards says because of this he feels it’s not safe to fully open Louisiana’s economy just yet. 

“Some may be looking to other states in our region and looking and seeing what they’re doing and wondering why we can’t match our schedule with theirs,” Edwards said. “The reality is the disease has spread through our state at a rate and in numbers that far exceeds those of our neighbors.”

Under the new order comes some new changes. Starting May 1st malls will still be closed to the public but stores can open for curbside delivery, restaurants can allow patrons to eat outside, but they can’t get service while outside, and employees of businesses open to the public must wear masks.

“We have to be smart in reopening our economy because if we move too quickly that won’t be good for public health or for the economy,” Edwards said. “We would end up having to slam on the breaks and actually go back to more restrictions.”

Edwards is expected to make a decision on whether or not to enter phase one on May 11th. If he decides to move forward with reopening, the stay at home order will end and businesses like restaurants, churches and salons can operate at 25% capacity. 

Edwards once again urging everyone to continue practicing social distancing so this can end sooner rather than later.

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