ICYMI: Tips on how to prevent a carjacking from happening to you


To have a person run-up and take your vehicle by force is what’s called carjacking.

Lafayette police say the way to help defend against carjacking is to drive with the mindset that it can happen anytime and anywhere.

LPD Deputy Chief Reginald Thomas says never pickup a stranger.

“If you see a stranger and you think he’s in distress, call 911. We will come out and handle the issue.”

Law enforcement agencies call certain stopping points ‘golden’ opportunities for a carjacker. The single act of stopping can put a person driving a vehicle at risk.

Deputy Chief Thomas says only stop at well lit places including gas stations and lock your door when you get out.

“Always lock your door; that’s the number one thing. Get somebody to be with you. If you can get a seccond person and always have tht second person. A well lit area is the best place to stop with some people there.”

Police say carjackings, burglaries and thefts are crimes of opportunity that tend to increase this time of year.

“If you’re watching an area and you finish shopping, you get to your vehicle and see something suspicious; then you might want to pass your vehicle up. Go back into the store and call 911. Let us come out and check whoever this suspicious person is.”

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