Battle of the chicken sandwiches: How this food-fad affects our health


It's the biggest food-fad of 2019, but how is this fried chicken craze affecting our health?

WEST MONROE, La. (8/28/19)– Why did the chicken cross the road?

We don’t know– but he was probably running from Popeyes or Chik-fil-A, because business has been booming for both fast food chains.

Why? It all comes down to a fried chicken sandwich.

Both chicken giants offer their own version of the meal. Demand is so high, Popeyes announced they sold out nationwide on Tuesday.

It’s the biggest chicken sandwich battle of the century. Chik-fil-A versus Popeyes, but only one can be crowned king. However, according to a local nutritionist, their both losers in the world of health.

We spoke to a local expert to learn what this fried chicken craze is doing to our health.

“If it’s deep-fat fried and then it’s put between refined bread, whether it’s from Chik-fil-A, Popeyes, or you know McDonald’s, all of those sandwiches are running anywhere from 420 calories all the way up to 600 calories,” said Jen Avis, dietitian with St. Francis Medical Group.

Just one of these sandwiches with a side a fries and a drink makes up almost all of the calories you should eat in a day.

Avis, who’s been a dietitian for over 30 years, says fast food has changed the American body over the last few decades.

“People are carrying more weight around their middle, on their sides–even if they aren’t overweight. That spells insulin resistance, and it means eventually they’ll be diabetic, but it also pushes cancer and heart disease,” said Avis.

So when the fast-food craze comes around, ruffle some feathers and eat a salad instead.

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