2 Lafayette Police officers hospitalized after being dragged from suspects car window and flung onto street


Two Lafayette Police Officers were dragged several feet after the suspect they were trying to get out of a vehicle put his car in reverse.

It happened in the 200 block of Belle Dame Drive when police were responding to a domestic disturbance.

Corporal Bridgett Dugas said when police arrived, the victim told them that the suspect, 31 year-old Francois Scricca Jr., had fled the area prior to their arrival.

Dugas said a short while later, Scricca arrived back at his residence, in his vehicle, and was showing signs of impairment.

When police asked Scricca to exit his vehicle, Dugas said, he refused.

Officers then approached the drivers side of the vehicle to get him out and when they placed their hands on the suspect, Scricca put the vehicle in reverse dragging both officers several feet along, causing them to be flung from the vehicle.

The officers were injured and had to be transported to local hospitals.

As the suspect fled the scene, Dugas said, he crashed into two police units during a pursuit.

Scricca was captured a short while later on W. Second Street and arrested.

He now faces multiple charges including 2 counts of battery of a police officer, flight from an officer, resisting an officer with force, OWI, no drivers license and 3 separate bench warrants.

The officers were not identified, however Dugas said they will return to work soon.

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