10-year-old boy selling his toys to pay for his uncle’s funeral


MULDROW, Okla. (WTNH) — An Oklahoma boy is selling his own toys to raise money for his uncle’s funeral.

Daniel Crase, 10, and his uncle Brian were inseparable. His grandmother, Brenda Crase, told KFSM the pair loved to play basketball together.

But when his uncle suddenly died of a heart attack, that bond became broken. Now, the boy is going all he can to help pay for his uncle’s funeral expenses.

“He said, ‘Nana, I want to raise money for my uncle Brian.’ And I said, ‘Baby I don’t know how to do that,’ and he said. ‘I do.'”

He started to sell his toys at a family garage sale.

“He set out a yard sale in our yard,” Crase explained. “It didn’t work, so he said take me to the quick way because I’m going to raise money for my uncle Brian because that’s what I need to do, Nana.”

Crase, who has raised Daniel, said she’s never been more proud of him.

“It made my heart feel good because I know that I raised my baby the right way and he has love in his heart.”

So far, he’s raised $400, but his goal is $5,000.

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