LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) – After two years of living in a pandemic, leaders from across the state prepare for the hurricane season.

In the last two years areas have been heavily impacted by hurricane season. Many areas are still recovering. Leaders from across the state are taking a pro-active approach to help better deal with pre and post storm events.

LUS Director Jeffery Stewart says the top priority is making sure that LUS has the same goals of providing power to customers. One of the most important concerns ahead of the 2022 hurricane season is supply issues of labor and material. It’s also how to strengthen the electric system. “It’s easy for us to work as a team than to work individually on some ideas. Let’s take advantage of the strength of Louisiana, let’s take advantage of our relationships,” says Stewart.

Mayor President Josh Guillory says he’s all for teamwork. “We found out during the hurricane season in the last two years and in the winter storm we found out really quick that working together is best,” says Guillory.

He says working together would also ensure restoring normalcy as quickly and as safe as possible. “We don’t want to just sit idle. We want to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. The way that we maximize that effort is to work with everybody. We want to bring our resources together to restore energy and restore normalcy.”