Charlotte Amazon employees say dozens of co-workers test positive for COVID-19, building conditions ‘dirty’

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Employees at a Charlotte Amazon are saying enough is enough after several of their co-workers tested positive for coronavirus.

Those employees claim they’re working with no hazard pay and questionable cleaning procedures. 

The employees work at Amazon on Tuckaseegee Road in Charlotte. They claim to have received over a dozen text alerts where new cases have been confirmed. Those employees say their cubicles are dirty.

“When we come in the morning and clean our stations… it’s like our napkins are black. When I say black I mean black,” said one employee who wants to remain anonymous. 

Amazon has responded to Fox 46 in reference to cleaning saying “more than $800 million has been spent on COVID-19 safety measures for Amazon locations across the globe.” 

Employees we spoke with say not only are they concerned about cleaning, but they would like to get their $2 bonus pay back for working during the pandemic. 

Amazon said in the same statement that employees were receiving the $2 hazard pay on top of their earnings. 

“I feel like Amazon doesn’t care about us and I feel as though they’re hiding information and doing things like taking away $2 incentive pay for us and not allowing us to feel safe because there is no way we can stay fully 6 feet apart inside of the building,” said an Amazon employee. 

Employees say they would prefer Amazon to shut down the CLT-4 location for extensive cleaning and reopen shortly after. They say it would make them feel more comfortable about coming to work. 

“We’re asking for them to shut the building down for a few just to clean everything. Give us our hazard pay back and also for us to go back to having no shipping,” said an employee.

Another concern expressed was that some of the items being delivered to customers are non-essential items, so employees say they feel limiting what people can order would help with cutting down hours so that more cleaning could be done.

Amazon sent Fox 46 the following statement.

“Like most global companies, we’ve had employees affected by this, and we’re doing all that we can to protect our employees and take the proper precautions as stated in WHO guidelines. We’re continuing to monitor the situation in our facilities and corporate offices, and we are taking proactive measures to protect employees and associates who have been in contact with anyone who has been diagnosed or becomes ill.”

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