DESTREHAN, La. (WGNO) — Thousands of Destrehan family, friends, and alumni gathered Thursday night to honor their town’s newest celebrities.

Former Patriots defensive tackle Darryl Richard and former Ravens defensive back Ed Reed, a 2013 Super Bowl champion, were part of the second line from the school building to the football stadium. They are celebrities – and Destrehan royalty to say the least – but Thursday night, the spotlight was on Marcus Scott, Jai Eugene, Jr., and the entire Destrehan state championship football team.

Head football coach Marcus Scott said his senior class, so instrumental in the undefeated championship season, deserved one more celebration. The Class of 2023 players will have their football state rings on a few days before receiving their high school diplomas.

“Saying goodbye to the seniors will be really tough this summer,” Scott said. “We don’t really know, trying to climb back to the top of the mountain. For now we are going to enjoy our guys when we have them. They will be graduating in a couple of days, but we are looking forward to the rest of the night, and seeing those guys graduate.”

Quarterback Jai Eugene, Jr., who is taking his talents to the defensive back room at Tulane, knows the hard work required to finish the season.

“Going through the long roads, and the trials and tribulations with my guys, seeing it finally paying off and getting a ring, it’s here,” Eugene said. “

WGNO asked if Eugene if he will wear his Destrehan state championship ring in college.

“Defnitely, at least when I move in,” he said, “showing them I’m gonna bring that same winning culture there.”

The 2023 football season is approaching. Whether the Wildcats repeat or not, they certainly have the formula.