HARVEY, La. (WGNO) — Officials with the Jefferson Parish School Board have decided to delay the voting process for the proposed school zone maps.

The maps were drawn up after the school board decided to consolidate a number of schools throughout Jefferson Parish. The maps, six total, are on display in the lobby of the Jefferson Parish School’s administration building. In a school board meeting on Monday (April 24) parents took to the microphone to express their concerns about the maps.

Two main issues made very clear were safety and transportation.

“Leave the kids where they supposed to be because if the parents and the kids are happy at the district they are, why change and why mess with the system,” asked Lareasha Smith, a parent.

“People who can walk to school now they may have to drive,” said Brian Amos, a parent. “People don’t have cars, they can’t afford that.” 

Paulette Cooper’s son currently goes to Grace King High School. Under the proposed maps, next year he’d be going to Bonnabel High.

“I fear for my son’s safety. He has been personally threatened by students at Bonnabel,” said Cooper.

She adds that was the last straw.

“He’s going to go somewhere else, he’s not going to end up at Jefferson Parish schools,” said Cooper.

The board is set to vote on the maps at the next school board meeting on May 3rd.

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