FARMERVILLE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — School is out, and summer is approaching; some may want to dive into the water to cool off from the summer heat. Stephanie Herrmann with the Union Parish Library says many factors can cause anyone to drown.

One is that they can’t swim sometimes they’re not supervised well. If alcohol or other types of impairments come into place, then that increases the chances that a child might be in danger. It’s our hope that we can just save one child umm who doesn’t know how to swim by providing these life jackets at this location then it will be worth it.

Stephanie Herrmann, Union Parish Library Director

Not only will families have access to life jackets, but they will also be able to enjoy other features such as picnic tables and more.

We all want to cool off because its hot and so having a place where we can do that as a family is wonderful. So, it’s a great place for families to go to beat the heat of the summer. one thing we do want to emphasize is wearing life jackets especially for kids that are under ten that don’t know how to swim; something so simple can save their lives.

Stephanie Herrmann, Union Parish Library Director

The life jacket lending library is first come, first serve and be sure to return the jackets once you’re done.