ABBEVILLE, La. (KLFY) – Two local realtors with EXP Realty, have spoken with the family of Tay’Shawn Landry, a student at Abbeville High to help raise money to get him a new wheelchair after a viral video surfaced on social media. 

“Obviously, we’re realtors. This is bigger than real estate, making a difference in any way, shape, or form. I feel like if we can do it, we should,” said Batiste. 

Nonnie Touchet and Sydney Batiste sat down with Kimberly Mitchell, the 9th grader’s mother, and asked if her son had a wheelchair of his own. The family said he does not. “He currently has a loaner wheelchair that was used in the video,” she said. “One of the reasons he doesn’t have one at home is because his mom or they don’t have a vehicle that can store the wheelchair for their travel,” says Mitchell. She adds, for the loaner wheelchair, “They have sent a request to insurance for another wheelchair, but the process takes months and months.” 

Batiste said the family is responsible for any damages to the loaner wheelchair if there are any therefore raising the money can be “a little bit more expedited and easier for them.” 

Both women agreed to raise $20,000 with the community’s help. “He is obviously upset about everything that’s going on, especially with him. He is a giver. We met him yesterday. He just has this light around him, and he doesn’t let anything define him, so I think with us doing this, and you know, it will help him,” says Touchet.

“I think that is also bigger than Tay’Shawn a lot of different kids go through different things,” said Batiste. “It is hard enough being a living, breathing human being when you come to this earth with so many things already. If we as humans can make other people, lives easier and more pleasant, why not.” 

Mitchell, the mother of Tay’Shawn Landry sent a message to News 10, “The family of Tay’Shawn Landry would like to thank Nonnie and Sydney for their heartfelt-selfless help and support. These ladies took time out of their busy schedules to reach out and locate our family. These ladies, among several others, are willing to do anything possible to help Tay’Shawn. Speaking on behalf of Tay’Shawn, we as a family appreciate the thoughts, prayers, love, kind words most of all, the support from everyone. God bless.” 

You can help send donations at GoFundMe.