NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — With flooding reported in multiple areas across New Orleans on Tuesday, officials conducted at least one water rescue as water levels continued to rise.

A photo captured by WGNO’s Amy Russo shows a Jeep SUV up to its taillights in flood waters while a nearby water gauge depicted the water climbing to four feet high.

In the area are signs flashing with lights warning drivers that the road is closed when the waters are high. But on Tuesday afternoon, two men decided to ignore the warning.

Witnesses say they saw two men in the Jeep swerve around other cars, trying to drive through the water, and eventually getting stuck. That’s when bystanders say the men got out of the SUV and fell into the water.

“Every time it rains like this this underpass floods and somebody tries to make a run through it and these guys did,” said eyewitness Wiggins Edrington. “They went around a bunch of cars and tried to get through and they never do they made it about halfway and that’s when things went crazy.”

It quickly became a potentially life or death situation when one man resurfaced and the other didn’t. After about a minute, Nick Sintz, who watched it all go down, sprang into action.

“The gentleman was having some trouble I’m not sure why he went underwater but he’s lucky because I saw an air bubble in his shirt and that’s how I found him,” Sintz told WGNO. “I was able to lift him up he got a big breath of air, so I knew he was okay, so I drug him back up to kind of where you see him now.” Where Stintz was referring to was the neutral ground.

He’s now being hailed a hero by those who saw what happened.

“Nick is quite a hero no doubt, he was in there, right place, right time,” said Edrington.

That man was taken to an area hospital by ambulance while the second waited in the water for first responders to rescue him.

Further down Canal Boulevard at Navarre Avenue, viewer Greta Joseph captured water up to at least the neutral ground. The footage shows several streets flooded as a result of Tuesday’s rainfall. Watch that video in the player below.

Flash flooding was also reported in the Gentilly and New Orleans East areas. Neutral ground parking is permitted in the city until at least 9 p.m. Tuesday.

It’s unknown whether anyone has been injured as a result of the flooding. Residents are encouraged to avoid flood waters and stay inside as the rain continues.

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