STERLINGTON, La. (KTVE/KARD) — The Town of Sterlington held a groundbreaking ceremony for its new access road project.

“People involved in making this happen from Highway 165, the investment group, Marion State Bank, Community Pharmacy, Michael Echols, Stewart Cathey. Everybody’s been involved to make this happen. So, to see it coming to fruition is very exciting for us,” said Mayor Talbert.

The new access road will connect Highway 134 to Scott Drive, and will allow residents to drive through it and shop at these locations. Mayor Talbert says this new road will pull traffic off of 165.

“All of those that are coming off of 134 to Scott Drive to get into the elementary school, now have access where they don’t have to get on 165 to drop off or pick up kids from school.”

“The town of Sterlington was awarded nearly $400,000 from the Delta Regional Authority with a $180,000 matching fund. The new access road has the potential to bring in new jobs, and with some new commercial development.”

“It does. It opens up all this acreage to economic development. We are excited about it. I know that the 165 group, the Jones family, is very excited about that. They have some interest in this property, so we are expected to develop very fast.”

Mayor Talbert says they are waiting on Entergy to relocate some underground power before construction begins.

The project is expected to be completed by the Fall.