DELHI, La. (KTVE/KARD) –The town of Delhi is helping to curb flooding thanks to a new infrastructure project. When heavy flooding rains occur across the area, some areas are more prone than others. Depot Street is one of them.

Delhi mayor Jesse Washington says these improvements are vital for the community.

“So, that’s going to intake resurfacing the street over there on Depot Street going, going to fix the street. Almost all areas in town will benefit from this.”

The project aims to replace water lines. Washington says the old pipes are causing leaks.

“We will be fixing pipes all over town in different areas where we did surveys, and where most of our leaks were coming from.”

“Last time a really heavy rain came, and it flooded right over there. Rain problems are bad around here,” a Delhi resident Christopher May said.
President of Guaranty Bank & Trust, Troy Richards, says they have experienced backups due to this issue.

“Not every time it rains, but when it rains a good amount in a short period of time, we have water that backs up, and we’ve actually had water in the bank a couple of times. A very low amount.”

The estimated cost of the project is roughly $1.5 million, and it’s funded through a USDA grant and the Community Development Block Grant.

“We get up here, and we mop up water and try to keep it away the best we can,” Richards said.

Washington says the project will begin as soon as the pipes get delivered. He says it will take up to 150 days to be completed.