IRISH BAYOU, La. (WGNO) — If you’ve driven East to Slidell on I-10, you’ve probably seen the “little white castle” which sits on Irish Bayou.

The castle is known as “Fisherman’s Castle.”

Now, the castle which has garnered much attention over the years is under construction.

Construction workers are on-site fixing the roof and they are working on renovating the inside of the castle as well. We are being told it will be a bed and breakfast site in the future.

Fisherman’s Castle sits on the Irish Bayou and was built to with-hold the wildest of hurricanes.  It survived both Hurricane Katrina and Isaac.

Simon Villemarette built the castle back in 1981 to look like a 14th-century chateau.  Villemarette built it for the World’s Fair in anticipation of tourists wanting to visit it.  Decades and a few owners later, this 942-square foot castle is still a point of interest.

In recent years the castle has received storm damage, it is aging, and it was sold to new owners.

Back in 2013, WGNO’s Kenny Lopez did a story on “The Little White Castle,” and then in 2014, WGNO got an inside tour into the castle.

Here’s the video to that story back in 2013.