NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — Everyone knows the New Orleans and Jazz Heritage Festival is know for the music food and signature cocktails but this year festival goers will have the non-alcoholic option of enjoying a mocktail with their Crawfish Monica.

This year, the festival will feature a new addition, the One Million Strong Wellness Retreat Experience”. The initiative was created to cater to those that may struggle to find a sober environment at events such as festivals.

The programs, Stand Together Music and Director, Music Strategy and Programs, and The Phoenix, have partnered together to make it possible for fest-goers to live that sober life while enjoying their favorite artist.

“Music, traditionally, has been affiliated with partying and alcohol and its the perfect space to start to create this change. I think because music really does shift and create culture, we are hoping that by showing up at these festivals and starting to influence this industry, that will create a wider change so that sobriety is treated in a more inclusive way. People who are sober have a welcome space where ever they go.”

Sober living does not mean water only, the wellness tent will create delicious mocktails for anyone that wants to try it out. There is even a happy hour.

“The point here is just to give fans the experience that lets them feel invited and included at a really amazing event.”

The wellness is located near the children’s tent near the back of gentilly and everyone is welcome to come.

Tickets can still be purchased either online at or at the gate for today and the following days.