SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – Ron Davis figured he’d have a career in finance.

But that dream melted away.

It happened the moment he took his first bite of Blue Bell ice cream.

WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood has his story.

Ron runs Blue Bell’s Louisiana distribution center where trucks travel in and out.

The job is to serve ice cream to stores across the state.

Ron says, “it all started in 1907, 114 years ago in Brenham, Texas where I grew up.”

Ron Davis was born into the business.

And so, too, his twin brother, Don Davis.

Don worked for Blue Bell for a time.

Don moved out of the ice cream business.

Ron remains.

And remains committed to a Blue Bell tradition.

From factory to your spoonful, only blue hands touch Blue Bell.

Ron says, “direct store delivery system means from the time it’s produced, stocked on supermarket shelves, nobody’s hands touch it but our hands.”

That’s every day.

That’s every week.

And every month.

Especially Sunday, July 17.

That’s National Ice Cream Day.

And in the month of July.

It’s National Ice Cream Month.