BATON ROUGE, La (BRPROUD) – Louisiana’s abortion laws were once again being heard in court Monday (July 18) morning and ended without an immediate ruling.

While the State District Judge Donald Johnson deliberates, the temporary restraining order (TRO) will remain in effect allowing abortions to proceed for now.

“We certainly anticipated that the judge would take this ruling under advisement,” said Attorney General Jeff Landry.

The three “trigger laws” were designed to take effect the moment the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe. V Wade. Abortion-rights advocates suing the state argue the laws are confusing and contradict each other at times, the defense begs to differ.

“And when you unpack the statutes you see that the legislature did a very very good job,” Landry said.

The plaintiffs declined to comment after Monday’s hearing. But, a crowd of protesters rallied in front of the courthouse furious with the Attorney General, while others prayed the court would ban abortions.

“Those people who don’t like it have two choices, they can go and try to change the law, but if they find themself in a minority of ideas they can pack their bags and go somewhere else,” Landry said.

Confusion still lingers if medical professionals can perform abortions. Landry said that because the judge has not ruled the laws unconstitutional, they are in effect.

“All that TRO does is enjoin me or the secretary, it doesn’t enjoin another district attorney and it certainly doesn’t excuse someone from breaking the … they engage in that conduct, then they may be held accountable,” Landry said.

Both parties are ordered to submit their final arguments in writing by 10 am Tuesday morning.