Statewide campaign urges residents to get flood insurance

State News

(KLFY)- Louisiana Commissioner of Insurance Jim Donelon is conducting his annual statewide public awareness campaign to encourage preparations for the upcoming hurricane season.

Donelon is reminding citizens that now is the time to review their insurance policies and make plans to protect their family and property.
“The first thing to do get with your agent,” explained Donelon. “Go over all your coverages. Know what your named storm or hurricane deductible is. It’s generally 2-5% not of your damage, but your insured value which is $150-200,000 so that’s out of pocket for about $10,000 if you have a loss caused by a hurricane or named storm deductible.”

Donelon advises residents to get flood insurance.

Flood damage resulting from heavy rain or storm surge is excluded from most policies and there is typically a 30-day waiting period before a flood insurance policy takes effect.

“When the Lafayette area was flooded in 2016, only 12% of the residences had flood insurance in place. It’s now 24% which is the statewide average, but that’s still way too low. With my message each year, I tell folks it’s the best insurance by any property owner anywhere in the state can make. Really, it’s necessary,” added Donelon.

Donelon also recommends walking through your house with your phone making sure you document your assets in place before you may suffer the loss and damages from a storm– that will help you in making your claim in the aftermath.

News 10 Anchor Sylvia Masters asked Donelon, “What should residents do after the storm passes?”

“You have a duty and the right to protect your property from further damage so you can access help and contractors to cover a damaged roof or put a tarp up or take whatever steps are necessary to prevent further damage from happening,” Donelon replied. “That’s a duty in your policy and a right to be reimbursed for those expenses so as not to incur additional expenses.”

Donelon also recommends residents take their insurance policy information with them in the case of evacuation so you can reach out to your agent or company and get the claim filed sooner rather than later.

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