Should Lafayette be forced to wear face masks? Council says yes. Mayor-President says no.

State News

LAFAYETTE, La. — Should Lafayette Citizens be forced to wear masks in public? Some members of the city council think so, but Tuesday night Mayor-President Guillory said he’s not ready to take that liberty away.

“Why don’t we require masks to be worn in public?” asked District 5 City Councilman Glenn Lazard. “I think that it’s something long past due considering the position we find ourselves in.”

Mayor-President Josh Guillory disagreed saying more than the unpleasant numbers must be considered.

“I care. I care greatly, but I also care about liberty, and I also care about freedom,” explained Guillory. “And every time I issue one of these declarations – loitering downtown, unaccompanied minors curfew, 200 person limit – I am infringing on one of your liberties. I take that very seriously.”

District 4 City Councilwoman Nanette Cook joined in requesting the mayor-president require masks in public stating if employees who interact with the public have to wear masks to protect the public, the public should protect them too.

“I think about it as doing it for others and not necessarily for ourselves,” stated Cook. “If we can slow the spread down just a little bit, it’s worth a shot.”

Councilman Lazard respected Mayor-President Guillory’s position but didn’t agree with his reasoning.

“You mentioned that we’re in a war, that this is a battle, and it stands to reason that when you’re in a battle, you’d use every tool at your disposal,” argued Lazard.

Guillory countered in his reply, “You don’t want to use an atomic bomb on an M16 war.”

The Mayor-President concluded his thought saying if things get worse, masks requirements could be a useful tool, but he’s not willing to use yet.

“If I’m going to infringe on a liberty, it must be justified, and I’m not at that point,” Guillory said.

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