UPDATE: 8-month-old girl found safe in St. Landry Parish after man allegedly steals car in Lafayette with baby inside

State News

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY) The Lafayette Police Department responded to a report of a stolen vehicle with a child inside.

According to police, a woman’s car was stolen from the 2000 block of Evangeline Throughway and her 8-month old niece was in the car.

“Y’all please. I just want my niece!,”cried the child’s aunt.

A tearful cry on social media drew the attention of thousands. Deja was in her mother’s new car when someone stole it, but who was inside was her only concern.

“Y’all can have it. Just drop my niece off somewhere and let us know where you dropped her off,” she pleaded.

But the suspected kidnapper had no intention of doing so and led multiple agencies on chase up Interstate-49 until he was a mile from leaving St. Landry Parish.

That’s when family and witnesses say the engine stalled because the green Charger overheated.

Mitch Broach said he veered off the road with a trailer to avoid a collision.

“The guy who stole her got her out of the car, and then the Sheriff’s Department came and they took the baby, handcuffed him, and put him in the car.”

Sheriff’s deputies drove the suspect and the little girl back into Lafayette in separate vehicles. In the same parking lot in which the 8-month old was stolen, Briante Griffie finally and excitedly reunited with her daughter.

“I thought it wasn’t happening. I didn’t think it was true. I was stuck. I didn’t think it was true. I called her daddy, and he didn’t think it was true,” Griffie said. “Thank y’all. Y’all brought my baby home safe.”

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