NORTH BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD)- Many people in the area are sick of living in a “Food Desert” and need a produce store closer to their homes.

Councilwoman Chauna Banks of District 2 hosted a meeting for the Scotlandville community regarding a new grocery store.

Banks said, “We have not had a grocery store here in about 50 years.”

The Scotlandville community is known as the largest “Food Desert” in Baton Rouge. Many people in the area do not live close to a produce store. This causes issues when it comes to transportation and high gas prices.

Councilmember Banks said, “Many of those with cars are able to go to Baker or closer to where they work or whatever. But that leaves a large part of our community that does not have transportation.”

She added, “When people have to rely on rides or public transportation, with a large groceries bags, it’s not plausible.”

The desired new location of the grocery store is Shada Plantation off Scenic Highway, near Southern University.

The new store will offer a host of opportunities to both investors and area residents.

Councilmember Carolyn Coleman of District 10 said, “It will be an opportunity for job opportunities. Opportunities, opportunities that they normally would not have had. “

Banks said that during the election cycle, whether it’s the governor, mayor, or council, “Whenever there’s a project, and we talk about things that are needed, a grocery store is one of them.”

If the plans are approved, construction will begin by early next year.