Petitions growing in popularity to recall Gov. Edwards from office

State News

LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- The process of attempting to remove Governor John Bel Edwards from office has now been set in motion.

The petition started in Eunice when a father-son duo filed an official petition calling for the recall of the governor on Aug. 29, 2020.

The official reason for the recall reads: “Impeding the constitutional freedoms and lively hoods of all Louisiana citizens without concrete scientific data,” and, “unconstitutionally mandating that masks be worn in all public places.”

Now, thousands of people are starting to sign the petition at different places in their local parish.

There is no official number on the signatures collected at this point.

People are saying there’s a multitude of reasons they’re signing. They say it’s from Edwards failing to help the oil industry and failing to serve the people in keeping businesses open. Amber Sanders, a student at McNeese State University said, “It’s affecting my schooling because everything is online. As far as public schools, these kids need to be in school. They’re not going to learn anything on a computer.”

Husband and wife Peggy and Gary Reynolds say they don’t like the way the governor is keeping the state from moving forward with the virus. They both signed the petition this afternoon.

“I’m not happy with the way Edwards has handled the pandemic, I’m not happy he’s killed the oil industry, many other things he hasn’t done that I’m not satisfied with,” Joseph Melancon said.

The group has until February 2021 to collect the 600 thousand signatures. If the signature threshold is met, they will be validated and the recall process will begin. If Edwards is recalled, another election will be held in March during the primary election. If Edwards is not recalled, another petition cannot be filled for another 18 months.

There are several Facebook groups you can join to find the locations to sign the petition.

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