OPELOUSAS, La. (KLFY)– A 71-year old Opelousas man says he was attacked by a pit bull who jumped a fence.

George Davy says he was walking alongside the fence when the attack happened leaving him with a gaping hole and lacerations on his chin and arms.

“A pitbull jumped over a fence and came at me, came towards me and I bent down to keep him off my legs. When I did that he grabbed my chin and shook it and brought me to the ground.”

After the attack, Davy says, the only consequence the dog suffered was a 10 day quarantine in a shed.

He says he met with Mayor Julius Alsandor regarding the attack and was told there was no place to put the dog and that no one would put a healthy dog down.

Looking back, he says, his main concern is making sure it never happens again.

“What would have happened had it been a child or someone who would not have known what to do who could have been killed.”

Because of the attack, he says, he no longer walks and drives everywhere because he is afraid.

After 13 stitches and still some bruising, Davy says physically he feels fine but mentally he still has nightmares.

“It’s not the physical stuff that’s bothering me, it’s the mental stuff.”

The dog and his owners no longer live at the home.