New Orleans looks to rebound as live music comes back

State News

NEW ORLEANS – As New Orleans looks to rebound from the pandemic, music will be key to bring the economy back.

Walking down Frenchmen Street, you will immediately hear live music from several clubs. Although the crowds are not what they used to be, there’s a sign of hope and financial recovery.

Club 30°/90° is just one of the clubs getting back into the swing of things. Friday night, the Luscious Duchess hit the stage. The band’s guitarist Jenelle Roccaforte returned to her gig after a year hiatus in California.

“It’s a good feeling to be playing again and it’s nice to see some people out here,” Roccaforte said.

Whitney Alouiscous is also in the band. She said, “It’s like the lifeblood is returning. It’s been kind of surreal and like really amazing.”

One couple from Colorado said they always look forward to live music in the city.

“We’re here for music, drinking and fun and great food,” said Chan Roark. “It’s been kind of impaired, but tonight on Frenchmen Street, it’s back!”

Though music is back, there are still some challenges for musicians and clubs.

“It’s still real slow,” Roccaforte said. “It’s a little bit hard making money right now because we’re still coming off the pandemic. Clubs have been struggling, but we’re all working together and doing our best.”

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