MOREHOUSE PARISH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Morehouse Elementary School is making reading fun with a new book vending machine.

This new book vending machine is bringing more than just books. it’s bringing inspiration to read

School principal Vashon Hobbs says the goal is to help get students excited about reading.

“We are pretending to promote literacy, and the school board adopted that goal as well. We are trying to increase our literacy skills across the board, and our grades.”

In order to inspire kids to read, students receive tokens based on positive behavior and growth in test scores. 4th grader, Brendon, says compensating students on good behavior is great.

“Teachers don’t want to have bad students, or anything like that in their class. They need education to learn.”

Students drop the tokens, and select their favorite books. Brendon says he wants to motivate students to improve their reading skills.

“I feel amazing because if kids don’t have books in their classrooms, if they have to write responsibilities, they have to have good behavior in class, and they will be able to get things like this to be able to have books.”

Students will be able to fuel their imagination and boost their literacy. Brendon says he reads books about ocean creatures and aliens.

It’s very interesting because most people think they are not real, but others do.”

Brendon says he would like to be a professional baseball player. But for now, he wants to inspire others to read.

“I want to inspire other kids to do what they want to do.”

Hobbs says the book vending machine was funded by a federal program. She says this is the first one in the parish.

This machine in the hallway has already created a lot of buzz, and our students are so excited to get those books to start reading.”