Monroe family spreads hope through devastation of losing their house twice in three years

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MONROE, La (10/25/19) — Monroe’s flood in 2016 took the house and everything the Wiley family owned. Three years later, the same house went up in flames.

“We got a call. Your house is on fire and we’re like what? And we got home to that devastation,” said Katima Wiley, Resident of home.

Larry and Katima Wiley are struggling with the loss of their home twice in the past three years.

I felt like a victim. It took other people around me, other believers, to say no you’re a survivor,” said Wiley.

Everything in the house burned except paper sticky notes placed around the house that had positive messages and bible verses written on them.

“None of it burned. The firefighters witnessed it, everybody witnessed it and they were like this is amazing. None of the inspiration burned. None of the scripture burned,” said Wiley.

They’re sharing a message of hope to others by remembering the light in a situation like this.

“We were told that if we were there, whether we would’ve gotten out or not, we would’ve died because of the chemical composition in the house,” said Wiley.

The Wiley family is persevering and continues to run their small business, Smigs Errand Service, to not let the devastation affect them.

“Even in the worst of things, Even when there’s devastation around us. Even when there is so much loss surrounding us, look for the good. Look for God in the situation,” Wiley.

A month ago, they lost their home. Today, they’re spreading hope and encouragement to others dealing with tragedy.

“How can lightening strike in the same place, but at the same time I feel like it’s just another opportunity for God to say I was there then, I’ll be there now,” said Wiley.

Katima and Larry Wiley have Facebook pages if you would like to reach out to them in any way. Katima’s page is here . Larry’s page is here.

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