BASTROP, La. (KTVE/KARD) – We are three days away from Election Day ,and Hercules Anthony, Charles Bradford, and Bozie Brown are the candidates vying for the seat of alderman for District B. 

District B covers part of the Southeast side and the Southwest side of Bastrop, and these three democratic candidates are hoping to get your vote this March 25.

“What I would like to do is work along with the mayor and also the alderman. We are a team, and we should be playing. We should be on the same team,” said Hercules S. Anthony

 district B alderman candidate.

Anthony has worked at Swanson Correctional Center for 28 years at the administration and mental health department. He wants to focus on increasing the police department, and cutting down on crime.

“Some of my constituents were concerned about crime. The police department were saying that they need more officers. Another concern is the division street bridge that has been out for two-three years.”

Charles Bradford, another alderman candidate for district B, is an involved citizen of the community. He says his goal is to tackle one of the problems the city faces, which is violent crime. 

“I believe the solution to violent crime in Bastrop is to increase our crime police government. They are trying to pay them less than $10 an hour. That is not going to work.”

Bradford says another solution to decrease violent crime is to educate the community.

“Provide more recreation. Implement more prevention programs for the youth. Increase jobs for our citizens.

KTVE reached out to candidate Bozie Brown, but our calls haven’t been returned. Election day is March 25.