NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — State lawmakers are working on making Louisiana a permitless carry gun state with House Bill 37. The move comes as the nation works to recover from two mass shootings, just one week apart.

The bill passed the Senate judiciary committee in a four-to-two vote and is now pending Senate floor action.

On Thursday, New Orleans Mayor, LaToya Cantrell issued the following statement on the legislation:

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families in our neighboring State of Texas that were impacted by the senseless and avoidable gun violence that has become synonymous with our nation,” said Mayor Cantrell.

“In the next week, the Louisiana Legislature will have the opportunity to stand up, reject the politics of fear and vote against gun legislation that will make our communities less safe and secure. Our gun laws need to emphasize safety, registration, and licensing. Unfortunately, HB37 does the diametrical opposite by allowing individuals to carry concealed firearms in public.

The City of New Orleans stands in strong opposition to this permit-less concealed carry bill, and we implore our State Senators to vote against this dangerous legislation when it reaches the Senate floor. As the eyes of the nation are watching the actions in Baton Rouge, the time has come to act in the best interest of the people of our great state.”