Massive Christian concert organizers face backlash for disregarding New Orleans virus restrictions

State News

NEW ORLEANS, LA. (WGNO) — Without a permit, without permission and without masks. California Christian rocker Sean Feucht held a massive concert Saturday in New Orleans despite city officials telling organizers the event was not permitted.

“The organizers used the pretense of religion to hold this event with other motives, and that simply was not right,” said Mayor Latoya Cantrell.

Feucht has been holding similar Christian concerts amid the pandemic throughout the country, like one in Nashville in October.

What happened this weekend doesn’t sit well with some New Orleans musicians.

“Oh man, I was really angry. I was outraged because I’ve been just stuck at home not allowed to work for the last eight months,” said musician Khris Royal.

Royal says it’s not fair Feucht and his followers were able to have this event while local musicians are following the rules.

“It’s a religious event, but we also have rules. You broke these rules. I mean, you have rules in the church that you’re supposed to follow, so why disobey the rules of the city you’re in? Doesn’t seem very Christian,” said Royal.

Feucht’s supporters feel differently.

“We have a worship event where we’re expressing our freedom of religion that’s protected by the First Amendment of the United States constitution. Some people don’t want to wear masks, some people do want to wear masks. My body, my choice. It’s your body, your choice,” said local believer Jonathan Koeppel, who baptized people at the event in a portable tub.

Cantrell said the city is exploring every legal option to hold Feucht and other event organizers responsible.

Feucht and his team did not reply to a request for comment.

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