Monroe, LA. (KTVE/KARD) — Mardi Gras season is kicking off soon and there are a few important safety tips, as well as information on road closures, that you should know before heading out to parades. Detective Matt Schmitz told us some tips and information to help us prepare for the week.

“At 4:45 we’re going to close the parade route down. Give yourself plenty of time to find a parking spot, and expect there to be a lot of areas that you’re unable to park. They might be blocked or they might be reserved.”

There is an open container alcohol exemption during the Krewe de Riviere parade, and Schmitz is reminding people to drink responsibly and if you see something, say something.

“If you plan on drinking, please drink responsibly. And keep in mind it’s a family event and we want folks to have a good time, but we want folks to act right and be respectful to those around you. There’ll be officers along the parade route. If you have children, please show your children where these officers are, we’re going to be visible. We’re going to be out there, we would love, in case of emergency, those children to know we’re there to help. Come see us come talk to us.”