SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Everyone is afraid of something, but what sends a chill up the spines of most Louisianans?

A team at BetCarolina combed through Google search data that reveals what creeps out or terrifies residents of Louisiana.

It turns out trypophobia is the most googled phobia in the state.

People with trypophobia are disgusted or anxious when they see patterns with lots of holes, like lotus seed pods, honeycombs, and sponges. Louisianans searched for it more than 62,000 times. It’s not officially recognized as a medically specified phobia, but doctors can diagnose patients who experience excessive distress or anxiety because of it.

Lotus seeds trypophobia
Lotus seed pods, Trypophobia (Source: Canva)

The data shows many Louisianans are also afraid of deep water, known as thalassophobia. The condition came in second place with over 20,000 searches. People with thalassophobia feel overwhelming anxiety when in deep bodies of water. That can include the fear of drowning or what may be lurking below.

Becoming ill publicly also haunts residents of Louisiana. 

Emetophobia, or the fear of vomiting, came in third with over 12,600 searches. The phobia includes a variety of anxiety-inducing thoughts, including not being able to find a bathroom in time, embarrassing yourself in front of others and not being able to stop. People with emetophobia will rearrange their lives to ward off the possibility of throwing up.

Claustrophobia (the fear of confined spaces) and arachnophobia (the fear of spiders) placed fourth and fifth on the list. Tunnels, elevators, and MRI machines could be a claustrophobic’s worst nightmare. Doctors say deep breathing and relaxation techniques can help you cope with anxiety in tight spaces.

The fear of spiders is a common phobia. The Cleaveland Clinic estimates that 3-15 percent of the population has arachnophobia. People with the condition might run, scream or cry if they see a spider. This condition can also be managed with relaxation and breathing exercises.

Terrified of heights, it may be acrophobia.

Climbing a ladder or riding a rollercoaster can strike fear into the hearts of people who suffer from this condition. It can be difficult to diagnose because it shares characteristics with other phobias. People with acrophobia are often treated with psychotherapy and exposure therapy.

Coming in at seventh place is scopophobia. Those with the condition feel an overwhelming fear and need to escape when being stared at or watched. Being the center of attention heightens their anxiety and they often avoid social events. Scopophobia is a type of anxiety disorder and can be treated with medication and psychotherapy.

People with megalophobia are intensely afraid of large objects like skyscrapers, stadiums and large monuments. The Cleveland Clinic says megalophobia can also be difficult to diagnose but is highly treatable. Cognitive behavioral therapy, exposure therapy and psychotherapy can help.

Are you terrified of needles? Then you have trypophobia. Those with the condition might pass out at the sight or touch of a needle or develop hypersensitivity to pain. It can lead to dangerous behavior by avoiding necessary medical care.

Therapy and medications can help, but you can do many things to cope while getting a shot. Experts say you shouldn’t look at the needle itself, and bringing a support person with you can be helpful. Relaxing the muscle where you’re receiving the injection will decrease pain and distracting yourself can help make the experience less scary.

In tenth place is zoophobia. Some people are intensely afraid of one specific animal, while others might fear all animals. Common types of zoophobia include fear of dogs, bats, insects, mice and rats or wasps. People with zoophobia might avoid visiting zoos or people with pets. Exposure therapy is often the first treatment for the condition to help people manage their anxiety or fear.

Louisiana’s Top Phobias of 2023:

RankFearsSearches in the last 12 months
1Trypophobia:  fear of clustered patterns of irregular holes64800
2Thalassophobia:  fear of the ocean20880
3Emetophobia:  fear of vomiting12600
4Claustrophobia:  fear of closed spaces12120
5Arachnophobia:  fear of spiders8160
6Acrophobia:  fear of heights7800
7Scopophobia:  fear of being stared at5040
8Megalophobia:  fear of large objects4920
9Trypanophobia:  fear of needles2640
10zoophobia – fear of animals2280