BATON ROUGE, La. (BRPROUD) – Tourists from across the U.S. visit Louisiana for its parades, specialty foods, football games, hunting and fishing opportunities. But how does our state rank when it comes to camping?  

While camping enthusiasts are happy to exchange their comfortable homes and tech devices for a weekend in the great outdoors, you might notice that you don’t often hear about their camping trips to Louisiana. Instead, many go to states like California, Washington or Texas.

Why does Louisiana seem to get left out?

A recent study released by Lawn Love sheds light on the possible reason. The analysis does not list Louisiana among the best places to go camping in the U.S. In fact, it claims Sportsman’s Paradise is the third-worst state in the nation for the popular outdoor activity.

Understanding Louisiana’s ranking

The research implies that not only is it tough to find a good place to camp in Louisiana but also it is more expensive here than in many other states. Lawn Love claims Louisiana ranked fifth in the nation as having the highest average price for camping rental (income adjusted).

In addition to that, out of all 50 states, Louisiana reportedly had the fourth-lowest total acreage of national and state parks. It also had the fifth-fewest number of campsites.

There’s also local weather to consider. South Louisiana is often humid, which mosquitos and other bugs love.

Between the insects, the expenses and the challenges of finding a safe place to set up for the night, some camping enthusiasts may choose not to add Louisiana to their list. 

Fun outdoor activities in Louisiana

Louisiana may not be everyone’s first pick when it comes to camping. But there are an endless number of reasons to visit the Bayou State.

Even if you don’t want to sleep under the stars, people can enjoy the outdoors in Louisiana in many other ways.

Visitors can choose from one of Louisiana’s 38 state parks to take a canoe ride or go fishing, hiking or biking.

But opportunities to explore the great outdoors in Louisiana aren’t limited to its state parks.

The Recreation and Park Commission for the Parish of East Baton Rouge has a number of picturesque locations where people can go kayaking, paddleboarding, mountain biking, horseback riding and hiking.

BREC’s extreme sports, waterslides and more

For the truly adventurous, a visit to BREC’s Extreme Sports location on Perkins Road is a must. Visitors can test the location’s 30,000-square-foot concrete skate park, BMX track, rock-climbing wall, community playground, tennis court and walking paths.

Image Credit: BREC’s Extreme Sports

If the entire family is looking for outdoor activities to enjoy, not to worry. BREC features a number of family-friendly activities, such as its Liberty Lagoon waterpark . The park has a shockwave, a bowl slide, a children’s play area and splashpads.

Image Credit: BREC’s Liberty Lagoon

Not to be forgotten are the organization’s many playgrounds and dog parks.

“Visitors to the Baton Rouge area can not only enjoy an RV camping experience at Farr Park Equestrian Center but can learn firsthand why our state is known as the Sportsman’s Paradise by visiting one of BREC’s 175 parks,” Cheryl Michelet, BREC’s Director of Communications said. “Go to to learn about the Bluebonnet Swamp and other hiking trails at parks such as Frenchtown Road Conservation Area, fishing lakes, Extreme Sports Park, Liberty Lagoon Water Park, paddling opportunities, splash pads, dog parks, golf courses, horseback riding and much more.”

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