LOUISIANA (KLFY) — On Friday, the gubernatorial debate for Louisiana Governor airs here in the studios of KLFY. The top seven candidates will be asked to answer questions important to voters.

Crime is at the forefront for law enforcement, community leaders and impacted families.

Republican candidate State Senator Sharon Hewitt says she hears about it as she travels the state.

“We need real truth in sentencing, and we need the technology so all of these agencies can better communicate and work together,” Hewitt said.

Democratic candidate and former Secretary of the Louisana Department of Transportation and Development, Shawn Wilson plans to tackle crime from its base.

“How are you investing in mental health? How are you investing in the unhoused issue that we see in communities that makes people unsafe? Those are the things we need to be talking about and not looking at just locking people up,” Wilson stated.

Republic candidate John Schroder is the current State Treasurer and is a former narcotics agent.

“The criminal, particularly the violent criminal, has to fear the repercussions because if you don’t, you’re just not going to get control of it,” Schroder said.

Lake Charles attorney Hunter Lundy is the only candidate in the race for governor as an independent.

“We got to pay our police men and we got to pay our firemen. Those people who protect us need to be paid and they need to know that we appreciate them,” Lundy said.

Republican State Representative Richard Nelson sees the fight against crime can be won with more officers.

“You’re not going to be able to get crime under control when you have historically low levels of police,” Nelson explained.