WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On Wednesday, November 16, 2022, the Louisiana Department of Education released the 2021-2022 school performances for the state’s public K-12 schools and systems. A list of schools in Northeast Louisiana and their performance results are provided in the table below.

SchoolSchool System2022
Letter Grade
Caldwell Parish High SchoolCaldwell ParishA96.1
Caldwell Parish Junior
High School
Caldwell ParishC65
Union Central Elementary SchoolCaldwell ParishD58.5
Columbia Elementary SchoolCaldwell ParishB80.5
Grayson Elementary SchoolCaldwell ParishC63.7
Block High SchoolCatahoula ParishC61.6
Central High SchoolCatahoula ParishB86.6
Harrisonburg High SchoolCatahoula ParishB83.8
Jonesville Elementary SchoolCatahoula ParishC63.1
Sicily Island High SchoolCatahoula ParishC74.2
Ferriday High SchoolConcordia ParishC65
Ferriday Junior High SchoolConcordia ParishF42
Ferriday Lower Elementary SchoolConcordia ParishF47.8
Ferriday Upper Elementary SchoolConcordia ParishF49.2
Monterey High SchoolConcordia ParishB88.2
Vidalia High SchoolConcordia ParishB78.9
Vidalia Junior High SchoolConcordia ParishD57
Vidalia Lower Elementary SchoolConcordia ParishC70.8
Vidalia Upper Elementary SchoolConcordia ParishC72.7
Griffin Middle School AcademyEast Carroll ParishF38.5
General Trass High SchoolEast Carroll ParishB77.8
Southside Elementary SchoolEast Carroll ParishF35.6
Baskin SchoolFranklin ParishD59.7
Fort Necessity SchoolFranklin ParishD52.6
Gilbert SchoolFranklin ParishC67.6
Crowville SchoolFranklin ParishC65.7
Franklin Parish High SchoolFranklin ParishC62.7
Winnsboro Elementary SchoolFranklin ParishF38.8
Jonesboro-Hodge High SchoolJackson ParishC73.5
Jonesboro-Hodge Middle SchoolJackson ParishD51
Quitman High SchoolJackson ParishB87
Jonesboro-Hodge Elementary SchoolJackson ParishF44.8
Weston High SchoolJackson ParishB80.2
Fellowship Elementary SchoolLaSalle ParishB76.8
Goodpine Middle SchoolLaSalle ParishC73.6
Jena Elementary SchoolLaSalle ParishC74.5
Jena High SchoolLaSalle ParishA93.3
Jena Junior High SchoolLaSalle ParishB77.8
LaSalle High SchoolLaSalle ParishB85.6
Nebo Elementary SchoolLaSalle ParishB75.1
Olla-Standard Elementary SchoolLaSalle ParishB75.4
LaSalle High SchoolLaSalle ParishB81
Choudrant High SchoolLincoln ParishA107.7
Cypress Springs Elementary SchoolLincoln ParishC73.7
Dubach SchoolLincoln ParishC65.7
Glen View Elementary SchoolLincoln ParishB75.5
Hillcrest Elementary SchoolLincoln ParishB75.4
I.A. Lewis SchoolLincoln ParishC64.5
Ruston Elementary SchoolLincoln ParishC73.3
Ruston High SchoolLincoln ParishA102
Simsboro High SchoolLincoln ParishB86.5
Ruston Junior High SchoolLincoln ParishC70.6
Choudrant Elementary SchoolLincoln ParishB89.3
Madison Middle SchoolMadison ParishF42.6
Madison High SchoolMadison ParishC72.2
Tallulah Elementary SchoolMadison ParishF42.6
Wright Elementary SchoolMadison ParishF41
Bastrop High SchoolMorehouse ParishD54
Beekman Charter SchoolMorehouse ParishB77
Morehouse Elementary SchoolMorehouse ParishF28.9
Delta Elementary SchoolMorehouse ParishF33
Morehouse Magnet SchoolMorehouse ParishC69
Central Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB77
Claiborne SchoolOuachita ParishA95.5
Crosley Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishD57
Drew Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB83.6
Jack Hayes Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishC62.5
Highland Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB83.2
Kiroli Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishA94.4
Lakeshore SchoolOuachita ParishD55.3
Lenwil Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishC62.5
Boley Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishA96
Ouachita Parish High SchoolOuachita ParishB84
Ouachita Junior High SchoolOuachita ParishC62.7
Pinecrest Elementary/Middle SchoolOuachita ParishA91.9
Riser Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishD58.9
Riser Middle SchoolOuachita ParishC62.6
Robinson Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishF38
Shady Grove Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishD53
Sterlington Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishA92.2
Sterlington High SchoolOuachita ParishA111.3
Swartz Upper Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB76.8
Swayze Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishD53.2
West Monroe High SchoolOuachita ParishA90.5
Woodlawn Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB85.7
Woodlawn Middle SchoolOuachita ParishB79.3
Calhoun Middle SchoolOuachita ParishB83.5
West Ouachita High SchoolOuachita ParishA92.6
George Welch Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB89.4
Richwood High SchoolOuachita ParishC66.4
Swartz Lower Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB76.9
West Ridge Middle SchoolOuachita ParishA93.6
Riverbend Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishD59.3
Good Hope Middle SchoolOuachita ParishB82.2
Calhoun Elementary SchoolOuachita ParishB77
Richwood Junior High SchoolOuachita ParishD53.7
Sterlington Middle SchoolOuachita ParishB86.7
East Ouachita Middle SchoolOuachita ParishC73.8
Delhi High SchoolRichland ParishC68.7
Delhi Middle SchoolRichland ParishF43
Delhi Elementary SchoolRichland ParishF29.2
Holly Ridge Elementary SchoolRichland ParishC67.9
Mangham Elementary SchoolRichland ParishC67.5
Mangham High SchoolRichland ParishB88.9
Mangham Junior High SchoolRichland ParishC60.3
Rayville High SchoolRichland ParishC65.5
Rayville Junior High SchoolRichland ParishF37.9
Rayville Elementary SchoolRichland ParishF43.2
Start Elementary SchoolRichland ParishD57.2
Tensas High SchoolTensas ParishC67.1
Tensas Elementary SchoolTensas ParishD58.6
Downsville Community Charter SchoolUnion ParishB89.3
Union Parish Elementary SchoolUnion ParishF44.7
Union Parish High SchoolUnion ParishC62
Epps High SchoolWest Carroll
Forest SchoolWest Carroll
Kilbourne High SchoolWest Carroll
Oak Grove High SchoolWest Carroll
Oak Grove Elementary SchoolWest Carroll
Atlanta High SchoolWinn ParishB76.7
Calvin High SchoolWinn ParishB86.4
Dodson High SchoolWinn ParishC72
Winnfield Primary SchoolWinn ParishC69.1
Winnfield Middle SchoolWinn ParishC67.2
Winnfield High SchoolWinn ParishB81.7
Carroll High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Carroll Junior High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Carver Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
J.S. Clark Magnet Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Barkdull Faulk Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Clara Hall Accelerated SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Sallie Humble Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Martin Luther King Junior High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Berg Jones Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Neville Junior High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Lexington Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Roy Neal Shelling, Sr. SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Neville High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Minnie Ruffin Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Wossman High SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Cypress Point Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Madison James Foster Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
Thomas Jefferson Elementary SchoolCity of Monroe
School District
New Vision Learning AcademyNew Vision Learning
Delhi Charter SchoolDelhi Charter SchoolC73.7
D’Arbonne Woods Charter SchoolD’Arbonne Woods Charter
Lincoln Preparatory SchoolLincoln Preparatory SchoolC61.6
Delta Charter School MSTDelta Charter GroupC62.2