Live Oak High custodian who returned wallet with $1,000 in it recognized as a role model

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Denham Springs, LA (NBC 33/Fox 44) – Randy Whitley has been a custodian at Live Oak High School for more than thirty years. He was a student there before that. So as you can imagine, he takes a lot of pride in his job and his community. And that’s why nobody who knows him was really surprised by what he did on the night of Friday, February 7th.

Whitley, or “Mr. Randy” as he’s affectionately known, was cleaning up after a home basketball game that night when he found a wallet with a $1,000 cash inside. He tells NBC 33 News he knew then he had to return it right away.

“I knew the guy probably needed his wallet over the weekend. And I knew he would be worried to death,” Whitley told us. “So I said ‘What I’m gonna do is try to get it back to him.’ And that’s what I done.”

Whitley, who works alongside his twin brother Ronnie at Live Oak, is no stranger to being recognized. Many who work with him, including principal Beth Jones, say he’s always been a role model to the young people there.

“He just exemplifies all the good character you want. He’s uplifting to not only myself and the staff, but the students as well,” Jones told NBC 33.

Jones was so impressed with Whitley’s act of kindness that she called a student assembly earlier in the week, so all the students would all know what he’d done and learn from his example.

“He’s a blessing to have on campus,” Jones gushed. “He’s exactly what we would expect a Live Oak Eagle to be,”

For his part, Whitley says it’s just who he is. He says he never even considered NOT doing the right thing.

“My Mom and Dad, they raised me to be a church-going guy. And that’s what I am.”

Whitley also considers himself a mentor of sorts for all the young people he works with every day. And the ones we spoke to, seem to agree.

“He’s a great guy,” said student Jude Barker of Whitley. “It really is a blessing to come around here and be in the presence of him every day and see he’s such a great mentor to all of us students.”

There are two things that are certain: The people at Live Oak High school love Randy Whitley. And Randy Whitley loves them.

“I realize I got a lot of kids that love me and I love them too,” Whitley said. “I really appreciate all the comments they’ve been giving me. I love ’em and I love Livingston Parish.”

As for his good deed and the example he set, Whitley told us his philosophy, which is simple and straight forward.

“Hey, you know, just do the right thing.”

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