LOUISIANA (KLFY) — The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would like to remind hunters that dove fields cannot be burned in preparation for dove season due to the state-wide burn ban in effect.

With opening weekend for dove season approaching, hunters may be tempted to use the burning methods to get their fields in optimal conditions. LWDF wants to remind hunters that this method is prohibited this year due to the extremely dry conditions Louisiana is facing.

LWDF recommends good alternatives to burning is to mow or bush hog a field. In order to create the clean ground desired by doves, the residue can be raked, shredded, or lightly disked; heavy disking will cover too much of the seed.

Remember, although it is legal to manipulate planted grains for doves it is not legal to add grains to a field and hunt over them.

Updated information on the burn ban in Louisiana can be found here.