LaSalle Parish, La (KTVE/KTVE) — In an April school board meeting, the board approved the purchase and installation of a new security system that will be utilized in every school within the parish.

School board superintendent Jonathan Garrett told KTVE the goal is to invest in the safety of all students and staff.

“We do see the trend around the country. Everyone tries to be as prepared as they can possibly be. I really feel like for us it was okay, we need to develop a plan. So, for the first time every school in our district is going to have security cameras.”

The project is expected to cost roughly $874,000. Garrett says the new surveillance cameras will be installed inside and outside of all schools.

“The big thing is the peace of mind for our educators who come to work every day. It allows them to focus on what we need them to focus on, which is just educating children. But also for the community. Our parents and our community members.”

“We don’t know who lives here. We can not be too careful. Especially when it comes to our children,” said Je Palmer, a resident.

The board purchased over 250 security cameras to install all nine schools in the district. High School senior Taylor Belgard says she will feel more comfortable knowing there will be security cameras inside and outside her school.

“It will be great to have cameras inside and outside of the schools, so everyone will know what’s going on because there have been some crazy things happening in the last few weeks and months at my school.”

The security system will consist of a live stream shot. Garrett says every school will have access to it as well as the board.

“Just really excited about the commitment to the schools and understand that it is a big step for us as a district, and we are excited about where we are going next.”

Garrett says there will be more upgrades coming to the school in the near future. Security cameras are expected to be installed and completed by June 30th.