Hurricane Laura destroys neighborhoods in Grand Chenier

State News

CAMERON PARISH, La. (KLFY)- Grand Chenier residents say the storm surge was 17-feet high and the winds got up to 180 miles an hour in their community.

Driving through the small coastal town, you’ll see that neighborhood after neighborhood has been turned into piles of debris rubble.

“I thought for sure my canopy may have been twisted or something, but I figured everything would have still been here,” Terry Romero said.

Romero and his family often took weekend trips to their camp in Grand Chenier.

He returned Tuesday to assess the destruction Hurricane Laura had brought, but he says what he saw when he arrived was far worse than he ever expected.

“This trailer house you looking at right here, that came off of that slab on the top of that hill,” he said, pointing at a pile of concrete.

Romero says his neighborhood had about 20 homes before Hurricane Laura. Walking through his once vibrant community, he tried to spot each of his neighbor’s homes, but even that was a challenge.

“This is part of a camper that belonged to this guy right here that was on the other side. To me it looked like it got thrown clean over the tree,” he said, pointing to more debris.

He said it’s heartbreaking seeing the destruction the wind and floodwaters brought to his beloved community.

“Yeah, we spent many days over here going fishing, and crabbing, but it’s a disaster,” Romero told News 10.

He hopes to one day rebuild in Grand Chenier, but he says that day will not be soon.

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