Hundreds of students out sick at West Monroe High School

State News

WEST MONROE, La (11/19/19) — As of this afternoon, over 500 kids and a few teachers have gone home from West Monroe High School due to the flu or strep throat.

“Well the first word we got of it believe it or not, was Friday night when our band could not march because our band directors told us they had about 20 maybe 25 members of their band out,” said Shelby Ainsworth, Principal at WMHS.

West Monroe high even had to bring in another nurse to help their own school nurse deal with the amount of students who’ve been showing signs of the flu.

“It was a lot of people towards the end of the day getting checked out. Like today they had masks on their face. It was like the plague.” said Lillie Holland, Student.

With so many people out sick, it has one student worried about the amount of schoolwork everyone is missing.

“For people to not be at school and for school to be in session and missing things, that’s not fair for them to be sick and it’s not fair for the school to keep going with everybody sick as much as they are,” said Jai Lister, Student.

On Tuesday alone, another 140 kids were sent home early. School officials say everyone is getting sick due to being in confined spaces in the halls or classrooms; causing germs to spread quickly.

“Parents, if your child wakes up in the morning with overall body aches, headaches, fever, please don’t send them to school. Keeping them home will only help the school get back to normal in a few days,” said Ainsworth.

After school today, the school cleaned every classroom and door handle to try and keep the rest of the school safe from catching anything.

As of now, school will not be closing this week and classes will resume as usual.

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