WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) — Arklamiss voters will decide on a number of newly proposed millages -along with some that are up for renewal.

There are 13 propositions across seven parishes ranging from roads and school improvements.

Three propositions dealing with millages will be on the ballot in Concordia Parish.

Proposition 1 calls for a millage increase that would benefit the Fire Protection District 2. If passed, parish property owners would pay 10 mills instead of the current pay of 6.9 mills for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, maintaining and operating fire protection facilities, including the payment of related personnel costs, and the costs of obtaining water for fire protection purposes.

Proposition 2 placed on the ballot, would be a new millage and aims to provide funding and support for the coroner’s office. The proposition would levy a three mills tax to help operate and maintain facilities and equipment.

Proposition 3 is a 1.81 millage rededication from the Public Health Unit for the purpose of acquiring, constructing, maintaining, and supporting public roads and drainage, animal welfare and public buildings.

There’s one proposition on the ballotn in Franklin Parish to continue to levy and collect a tax of one percent for the construction and maintenance of roads and bridges within the parish.

There are two propositions on the ballot for Jackson Parish, and they are both renewals of existing property taxes.

Parishwide, the proposition would continue to levy 0.82 mills to maintain and support the Jackson Parish Public Health Unit.

School District wise, the proposition would continue to levy 8.42 mills tax for the purpose of maintaining and operating schools in the district.

The Lincoln Parish School District has a new bond on the ballot for the Ruston school district, and the Simsboro school district.

The morehouse parish school board proposition would allow the board to get an additional $6 million for capital improvements. Everything from fixing the roofs, its foundations and security updates.

The Union Parish School District seeks to renew a 15 millage property tax. The school board says this is desperately needed to educate and provide for the parish’s children.

The Winn Parish School District calls for the continuation of levying a special tax of 3.44 mills to maintain and support public schools, school facilities, programs and more.

Parishwide, this proposition would levy a special tax of 9.25 mills through the Winn Parish School Board to provide funds to maintain and support public schools.

For more details on propositions in your area you can click here.