Hanes donated 2 million “washable” mask to Louisiana; Find out distribution sites in Monroe and West Monroe

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MONROE, LA (4/26/20) — On Wednesday, Governor John Bel Edwards asked Louisiana residents to “Mask up” when leaving the house and going into the public. With perfect timing, Hanes donated 2 million washable masks to the state of Louisiana and the city of Monroe received 18,500 of them for it’s citizens.

“It’s very important that we stay safe. It is also very important that we mask up and make sure our citizens have protection and have a mask when they go out in public and to have it on,” said Mayor Jamie Mayo, (D) Louisiana.

The washable mask will be available to residents and businesses on a first come-first serve basis starting Monday, April 27th at 10:30 am at five distribution locations:

  • Forsythe Park
  • Emily P. Robinson Community Center
  • Roy N. Shelling Elementary School
  • Saul Adler Community Center
  • Wossman High School.

“So when the cars come through, they don’t have to get out of their cars. We’ll be able to give them a pack of mask,” said Mayor Mayo.

Each car will get one pack of 5 masks, unless you are picking up for a neighbor or loved one who can’t get out.

“The masks are very very important. Not only do they protect ourselves, but also someone else,” said Mayor Mayo.

Mayor Mayo says it’s important to stop the spread of COVID-19 and the only way that can happen is when people follow social distancing rules and mask up

“We don’t want to start a surge to increase again, so we have to be very very cautious. We know small businesses are suffering, and we support them 100 percent, but we do have to keep a balance of saving lives as we get back into the economy,” said Mayor Mayo.

Mayor Mayo says he is very thankful for the donation from Hanes and every other person or organization who has helped the city of Monroe during the pandemic and through the tornado recovery.

The city of West Monroe also received masks. You can get yours starting tomorrow from 10 am to 2 pm. Residents will be allowed two masks per person or six per family.
The pick up locations include:

  • West Monroe Community Learning Center.
  • The West Monroe Convention Center

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