Grandfather trying to earn extra money still in debris of Hard Rock Hotel collapse

State News


NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO) – The family is asking for prayers that a loving husband, father, and grandfather is found.

Anthony Magrette’s family is praying for good news. Over 36 hours after the collapse of the Hard Rock Hotel, he’s still missing. And they’re still waiting outside. Anthony is pictured above with his wife, Nova Espinoza.

WGNO’s  Rachael O’Neil asked Nova what she did when she heard the news. “I started crying and I jumped in my truck, and I drove all the way up here and I did not leave since 9:45 a.m. yesterday. I have not slept, I’ve barely even eat. I’m not leaving here until I have my husband.”

Anthony is a few framer for the Hard Rock Hotel. His family says that he picked up this freelance job to earn extra money after being robbed last week. He’s trying to pay for his new truck.

A crane expert has arrived at the Hard Rock Hotel.

They are currently sending a drone into the rubble to skim the scene.

The family believes Anthony was between the 7th and 10th floors.

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