WEST MONROE, La. (KTVE/KARD) –  Republican candidate for governor Stephen Waguespack spoke with KTVE to discuss what he has planned for the state of Louisiana should he win the spot as governor.

It’s been 40 days since Waguespack announced running for Louisiana’s highest office. He says his plan will include fighting for good jobs, quality schools, public safety, and more.

“People are tired of seeing their kids move to other states, drift to Texas or other states to get jobs. They’re sick of seeing their school morph into all these other things and not provide the services they need for their families. People are sick and tired of seeing other states in the South win while we seem to tread water at best.”

Waguespack also discusses his plans for the future of education in Louisiana. He says it starts with Parenting Control in our communities.

“We have to rebuild and stabilize our communities all across Louisiana. That starts with preparing kids for the jobs of today. Putting parenting control of their kids’ destiny and giving them the tools they need right here in Louisiana right here in these communities.”

Waguespack says lowering taxes and investing in infrastructure are also part of his vision.

 He says he wants to keep the community safe by reinforcing the police department.

“We are short on law enforcement across the state. We’ve lost police in our ranks. We have to restock that pod and get more law enforcement officers on the frontline on the streets.”

At a state level, he says he wants to create a Blue Way Program to support local law enforcement wherever there is a crime hot spot.

“Citizens need to know locals and the state have their back, and they will do whatever they have to do to work as a team to keep communities safe. Tired of the excuses, tired of loopholes. We are going to fix crime as soon as I get in office.”