Gov. Edwards signs bill that grants image rights to college student-athletes

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(AP Photo/Keith Srakocic, File)

BATON ROUGE, La (KLFY) — Today, Gov. Edwards signed Senate Bill 60 into law, which allows Louisiana collegiate athletes to earn compensation for the use of their name, image, or likeness. The bill passed Legislature with a bipartisan majority, and the law goes into effect as of today.

Gov. Edwards released the following statement on the bill:

This is a critical and historic moment for athletes in Louisiana. I thank Senator Pat Connick for his tremendous work on this bill, and I am proud to join with the Louisiana Legislature to sign into law protections and rules that allow our athletes to profit off of their own name, image, or likeness. Louisiana colleges and universities have a storied history of talented athletes who have represented our state proudly both on and off the field. As an avid sports fan, these athletes inspire me daily with their hard work and sheer talent. In a time of such disagreement, college sports bring us together as fans united in victory and, sometimes, in unfortunate defeat. It is only fitting that college athletes be able to benefit financially from their hard work and to have more control over their personal likenesses, which many organizations and entities have already done for years. It’s beyond time for this law, and I am excited for the opportunities it will open for Louisiana’s talented athletes

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Patrick Connick says the bill is right and fair for Louisiana athletes.

“This law will be life-changing for Louisiana’s college athletes in the best way, because it will allow them to maintain their status as amateurs, but also to earn a living for their hard work while they’re in college,” Connick said. “This is what’s right and fair for our athletes and I am proud that Louisiana was one of the first states to enact a law that empowers them to benefit from their own personal brands,”

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