Friends, family, officials pay their respects to late Gov. Kathleen Blanco

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“She really represented the best of what Louisiana is all about. She was fun loving a true Cajun from south Louisiana but more importantly, she knew how work with people across party lines.”

Former United States senator John Breaux says he and the late Kathleen Blanco grew up in politics together and she will be remembered for her dedication to education in Louisiana.

It’s a belief shared by other politicians who served with her.

“She was always one that believed in funding education, K-12, (funding education) and her dedication to the children of Louisiana,” said former state senator Mike Michot.

Mitch Landrieu served as Blanco’s lieutenant governor.

“What some people didn’t know about her was that she had a great sense of humor but she was tough, tough as nails,” he said

The word gracious was echoed by everyone we spoke with who knew her.

“As the governor said, she wasn’t one to point fingers she had an open hand,” explained Landrieau

And despite Katrina being such a dark spot in her political career, it will all be a positive part of her legacy.

“She wrote the playbook and showed other governors how its done, said Michot.

Landrieu added: “She was committed to public service she wanted to help the people who couldn’t help themselves and she put all of her might behind it and I thought she did a great job and I was honored to serve with her.

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